Android Auto brings new layout for smaller displays

Android Auto is Google’s one and only application system, which supports several functionalities of smartphones and allows users to play them on the car screen. The application makes things easy for driving the car and also gives several entertainment-based functions on the car’s screen. From time to time, Google introduces some new changes to make it more comfortable for its consumers. Now some new changes have been made in Android Auto.

New interface change in Android Auto

Recently, Android Auto got a new update, v10.1. But after installing it, users don’t get to see any changes in their first look at the application. But recently, some users spotted some changes in the interface of Android Auto. According to the information, now the “Application bar widget is moved to the left side, which makes it very convenient for drivers to interact with it.

Along with this, Google Maps also gets some interface changes; with the new update, Google has also adjusted some options in the Maps application to the left side of it. More specifically, the settings and the search icon shifted to the top left side of the screen.

It is also observed that the new changes don’t last in any particular version. It may be a server-side change. It is also not clear if it is just for the test purpose of the fix’s modification. However, this change is welcomed by users because it gives them more comfort, and it could be great if Google gave it more flexibility. 

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