You can use these 6 creativity apps on Galaxy tablets for editing and sketching

Samsung Galaxy Tabs are equipped with a separate One UI skin which helps them to work more efficiently, and as usual, these devices come with a large screen so you can do many creative things with them. Recently Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S9 series devices which will give you an immersive experience with all great features.

Today, we will talk about some of those applications which will allow you to try your creative skills through Galaxy Tabs.  With these applications, you can create something new and stay productive, some of the applications can also be used as professionals.

6 creativity apps on Galaxy tablets for editing and sketching

Google Photos

Google Photos is a very common application which gives several options to store or arrange your photos in one place. On tablets, the application works with more options,it also provides a user-friendly layout for users to do different things, like in the edit function it gives a multi-column layout on tablets, you can see more of your photos at one on the larger screen and edit them in a more simple way.


Sketchbook application provides an intuitive interface that allows users to draw and paint. There are several customizations available within the app. The app itself resizes to fit any screen size. You can use the stylus over the canvas to see how your brush strokes will look before you draw them.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular photo and video editor applications. With the large screen of the app it is easier to edit the content accurately. The application provides many feature for editing precisely. The app has a vertical navigation bar for all your editing tools, and if you tap and hold on the tablet’s touch screen, you can see what the image looks like before and after your edits. Adobe Lightroom also lets you edit RAW files, which is ideal for users who love to take RAW photos on their Android devices.


Canava is an application which allows you to edit your photos and videos, this application is perfectly designed for people who are interested in designing graphics, and this application offers all the functions which will also help you to create professional graphic design.


Lumafusion is also a popular video editing app, the application was previously available for the PC, but now it’s available for Android tablets. The team of applications has developed the application and so optimized the application. There are several options available for the editing videos like editing up to six video tracks, an enhanced magnetic timeline and the ability to cut and paste between projects.


Concepts is a vector-based sketchpad app, that resizes to fit any Android screen size and works great with a stylus. The app mainly focuses on bringing features to users so they feel as natural as putting pen to paper. The company used Android’s tools and platforms to help achieve as close to zero lag as possible between the stylus tip and the lines drawn on the Concepts canvas.

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