Samsung provides a protected folder to hide your personal data

The Secure Folder is the ideal location to save all of your private images, videos, files, programs, and data. The folder is secured by the military-grade Samsung Knox security technology, which encrypts all of the data stored within to protect it from hostile assaults. Applications and data stored in the Secure Folder are protected and housed in a separate sandbox on the device. Even if someone gains access to your phone, Secure Folder is meant to prevent data access by anyone. There is no Secure Folder on any other Android device; it is only available on Samsung smartphones.

To access the Secure Folder, it is necessary to establish unlock mode by setting a password in the form of a pattern, pin, or text of nine characters, just the same rule we follow every time while creating a password. The passwords created should be remembered; once you forget the password, the contents stored inside the application will be lost but undamaged. A few programs like the Internet browser, camera, gallery, contacts, calendar, notepad, and a few search engine files may be found inside the Secure Folder once it has been engaged.

The contents put into the secure folder will remain only within the application and can be accessed only by the user. While using the secure folder’s camera, the captured photos and videos will remain within the application’s gallery folder. This function is for newly created documents, but coming to the files and documents already existing in other unhidden apps through the add files option by clicking on the three dots and sending the images, files, videos, etc., can be transported from ordinary storage to a safe folder using the interface choices.

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Another significant feature of the Secure Folder is that the app itself can be transformed according to the user’s wishes by changing the name and icon of the application so that no one identifies it and only users have an idea of what the app is and the contents it holds. Nearly every current Samsung mid-range and high-end flagship handset has access to this function.

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