Samsung is working on a foldable tablet and a foldable laptop

As a manufacturer, Samsung always focuses on developing something that is better than their existing gadgets. The firm plans to introduce more enhanced foldables in the near future, as foldables are expected to gain popularity in the coming generations. Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are the recently launched foldables by the firm, which were lighter and slimmer than previous models. After the revelation of these products, T.M. Roh, the head of Samsung’s mobile division, has just reflected on the debut of the company’s newest line of devices.

He gave an interview to the Independent, and the source revealed his thoughts on the upcoming products. Roh stated, Foldables will expand to other categories like the tablet and PC and continue to develop after.” With this, we can get a little idea of what Samsung is planning; it is surely not the sixth generation of foldables. Other than Fold 6 and Flip 6, the business may arrive with foldable tablets and PCs. Further, he included some information about this surprising development.

“What has been applied to the smartphone will then spread to the tablet and laptops as well. To that end, we at Samsung are investing a lot of resources. And once that foundational technology is developed and we believe that the product is ready to provide meaningful innovation to consumers, then, of course, we want to introduce them.” Coming to foldable laptops, it will be a huge challenge for the firm due to the presence of a keyboard, and it may be difficult for users to handle screen-based foldable products.

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Samsung places a lot of importance on folding phones, and the head in charge, Roh, opened up that the firm aims to sell 1.8 million foldable smartphones in Europe in 2023. Sales are expected to hit $30 million in total, which is evidence of a growing foldable industry. “Where we find the motivation to keep working hard, it’s simple: consumers. Consumers’ needs and demands. And the need to keep developing key technologies.”

Roh explained that the changes made to the smartphone will also have an impact on the tablet and computers. Samsung is devoting a lot of effort to this and wants to launch them after the fundamental technology has been created and the product is prepared to provide customers with real innovation.

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