A Closer Look at the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Camera’s Performance

The recently launched Galaxy Z Flip 5 is said to be the best foldable released by the firm, and it is true as the model brings out enhanced features. From the beginning, the foldables were said to lack a better camera system, but it seems the Flip 5 has altered the case slightly. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 received a fresh camera grade from DxOMark, but the outcomes weren’t very outstanding in terms of noise. The gadget was awarded scores in particular categories such as exposure, color, texture, autofocus, noise, and artifacts. The marks state that the gadget did not do well in noisy conditions with a low level of daylight.

White balance, exposure, and dynamic range for indoor daylight photography all got some great reviews. It has shown some notable advancements over its predecessor, Flip 4, in DxOMark camera testing. Flip 5 is stated to be a wonderful choice for recording simple life with its quick and reliable focus. The Samsung variant also covered every detail while shooting with the primary camera, the ultra-wide, and in video mode. Scored a total of 127 points in the photography category, which is equal to the iPhone 12, and of course, it is higher than the Flip 4 with a score of 114 points.

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The report suggested that the foldable is best for landscape images, with a photo score of 132 higher than the previous one with 125 and said to be better than the Galaxy S23 series. Stabilization performed well when capturing video, and visual noise was managed. The Flip 5 impressed with its accurate white balance in daytime and indoor settings, which also offered decent exposure. The ultra-wide-angle camera was never this good before in foldables, including with little oversaturated colors. Next comes the video score, which with 128 points surpassed Flip 4 with 113 points, all credits to the video stabilization even in motion.

This is also because of autofocus and low noise levels. Flip 5 outperforms the Galaxy S22 Ultra in terms of quality decline in indoor or low light conditions, including obvious underexposure. Now, analyzing the drawbacks of the model in the test, we see that in several different lighting situations, the gadget shows noise mostly in the corners. The absence of telephoto sensors can be called an issue that restricts the magnification to that which is done by software and causes a loss of picture information. Shifting textures and artifacts have been noted while capturing faces in dim lighting. Overall, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 can be considered an enhanced camera system-equipped foldable compared to previous versions.

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