Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen: You can do many things

There is no doubt that the recently launched Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the best-ever foldable from Samsung. With its 3.4-inch cover screen and renowned flex window, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 surely justifies the term most anticipated series of the year. Compared to the earlier launched editions, the display size is bigger even when folded this time. The newer flex window brings a lot of creativity with it, and the new users of foldable smartphones definitely need to know the several tricks that can be enabled for quick customized features.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen

With two taps, the phone will be awakened by this. If you have a screen lock, it will take you to that window; if not, it will take you to the home screen. Every direction comes with a function. First, moving from right to left lets you look at widgets arranged by you, which are shifted seamlessly by swiping the Flex window’s screen. With this, you can reach out for the necessary information quickly.

For entering the widget, you need to make use of the two-finger screen pinch gesture. The option to view all widgets at a glance in a grid format, which can be called the multi widget view, can be employed by pinch movements. The flex window’s indispensable draw is its cover screen modification. Users can select the design, font, and style for an enhanced experience and an entertaining cover screen.

Use Main Camera to Capture Photos & Videos

Next comes the FlexCam, a creative way of taking selfies with a back camera. Sharp and precise photography that covers the minute details is possible with the folded Flip 5’s flex window and the 12 MP back camera. The captured results can be viewed right away with the Quick View functionality. Liked photos can be flagged as favorites by users. The camera features include a dual preview function as part of the rear camera shooting options that can be enabled if the user is not happy with the outcome. Additionally, pictures can be taken from the perspective you desire, adjusting the arrangement.

There is a feature for influencers on social media where the Flex window makes the creation of vertical video content easier. The Super Steady feature solves the biggest issue in photos: the removal of shakes in the camera. The use of AI has also been implemented with the Auto Framing feature, where the ratio of the vertical and horizontal aspects varies in accordance with the AI. Also involves the automatic transformation of the composition.

The presence of Good Lock software brings great entertainment to the day. Follow the process of installing the application from the Galaxy Store and downloading Multistar from the Galaxy Tab. Open Multistar, click I Galaxy Foldable’ menu, then ‘Game Widget’. Add the game widget to the Flex window to enable the gaming software anywhere, anytime. Last but not least, the digital wallet equipped in the Flip 5 makes the use of Samsung Pay simpler by swiping the flex window from bottom to top and paying with a card with membership points and redeeming coupons.

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