Galaxy Tab S7 LTE gets an October 2023 update with some new features support in Europe

Samsung has already rolled out the October 2023 update to many Galaxy devices, but due to server limitations and the large number of different devices, the company is still expanding the update to the remaining devices. Now the Galaxy Tab S7 LTE has started getting new updates, but they are not limited to the new security patch but also grab some new features.

The Galaxy Tab S7 LTE gets useful enhancements

Samsung has rolled out the new software update for the Galaxy Tab S7 LTE with firmware version number T875XXS4DWJ1. It comes in a software package of 288.87 MB, which brings a plethora of new features, such as a tripartite view, a function added to Multi Window that helps the user switch between a popup view and a split screen view, and now you can create a split screen by dragging “open the screen”.

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The usability of the side panel is also improved; a new pi feature has been added so you can pin the apps as well, and you can change the background screen so it doesn’t appear blurry when the side panel is open. Additionally, a Labs function is also included, and a fresh new function is also introduced, which helps to edit desired photos.

The latest update also brings a new security patch in the form of the October 2023 security patch, which is coming with security enhancements. According to the official documentation, the latest security patch includes more than 40 fixes, which bring improvements for the security mechanisms of devices.

Moreover, the Galaxy Tab S7 LTE may get more improvements for the better functioning of the devices, so if you want the true performance of your device, then you should update your device to the latest version. To do so, you just have to go to the settings, select the software update, tap on the download and install option, wait for the search, and if it shows a new update available, click on the download button.

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