Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 is around the corner

Samsung Electronics makes the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, which doubles as an object and key finder. With the help of the SmartThings mobile app, the device uses Bluetooth LE to enable users to find any object it is attached to. On January 14, 2021, Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked event, at which the gadget was unveiled. Samsung’s upcoming Bluetooth tracker, which is known as SmartTag 2, just had photographs leaked. The gadget is highly anticipated as it comes in a totally revamped version.

According to reports from the source, MobileFun, the gadget will hit the market in October 2023. It is no surprise, as the gadget has surfaced in numerous leaks in recent months and has also been discovered on the FCC certification site, indicating its launch is imminent. In order to avoid having to pay more for a plus variant this year, it is said that the new tag will offer ultra-wideband connectivity (UWB) by default. Google’s Find My Device feature, which is supported by all Android phones, is also expected to be included.

The SmartTag 2 comes in a different shape and looks slimmer, which makes the fitting of keys easier. Black and white are the two colors that the gadget will arrive in. The source also revealed that SmartTag 2’s pre-order price starts at £43. According to the tag, which states “due in stock in 2 months,” the product won’t be made available until the end of October. Compared to the previous variant, the price is quite expensive. It may be because of the new design and also because it is equipped with newer features.

The gadgets have advantages such as real-time tracking of your things’ by connecting to smartphones through Bluetooth. Lost or stolen objects can be found, as the SmartThings Find app makes the gadget ring loudly when it goes out of Bluetooth range. A virtual fence around the place you want can be built with the SmartThings Find app, which can help monitor the people entering and leaving the area.

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