One UI 6 Makes It Easier to Understand Storage Usage

Earlier this year, it was said that the system files were consuming a staggering 60 GB of total storage on the Galaxy S23. In other words, it can be stated that Samsung faced criticism when the Galaxy S23 series was released for displaying more than 60 GB of storage as “system files,” which accounted for nearly 25% of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s base storage model. It seems that wasn’t accurate, and Samsung upgraded its software in Android 14 to make them more apparent. The system partitions on One UI 6 based on Android 14 now showcase how much storage they occupy.

An individual Max Weinbach has drawn attention to the fact that One UI 6’s Manage Storage section now accurately depicts all of the partitions and files that are available on your internal storage. Compared to One UI 5.1, One UI 6 displays the dissimilarity between the stated storage space as “Other files” instead of combining them under “System. This change was spotted by Max, and this was reflected in the new One UI 6 Beta 1 update of the Galaxy S23 series. The My Files app shows the storage used by the system as 16 GB.

The changes are due to the way the software displays the memory. Although gigabytes are the standard unit of measurement for storage, gigabytes are a more precise way to determine how much storage is available and what the software uses to display it. There are two different systems where gigabytes are measured in powers of 1,024 and gigibytes are measured in powers of 1,000, so in the end, a 512 GB smartphone only contains 476 gigabytes of storage. With this enhancement, the firm has surely provided a great solution for the users reporting storage display issues. Users who got the first beta update of One UI 6.0 can even compare their storage with their previous storage display.

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