One UI 6 Auto Blocker Feature to Protect Users from Suspicious Activity

The beta version of Samsung’s new One UI skin, which is based on Android 14, is finally available for particular Samsung users, like the Galaxy S23 series, to trial as the stable version of the update approaches. There are a ton of new features included, many of which are exclusive to Samsung, and some are built right into Android 14. The first beta version of One UI 6.0, which was released earlier this week, has brought up a new security-ensuring feature, which is the Auto Blocker feature (Version, which is said to block harmful activities.

One UI 6 Auto Blocker Feature

The feature can be found under the Security and Privacy menu in Settings with the caption “Keep your phone safe by blocking threats and other suspicious activities”. By clicking on the feature, the users should turn on the feature by accepting the terms and conditions. Furthermore, it will perform security checks on already-installed programs, prevent instructions sent via ADB, and not permit apps from unapproved sources. For users who are extremely concerned about their privacy, this one will be their lottery.

One UI 6 Folders Now Display Apps in a List View

This feature lets you install apps only from authorized stores. Rejects the commands from the malicious chargers, computers, and other devices so that no other connected device can send requests through the cable. Also offers advanced privacy options by blocking the malware-predicted clips in the messaging apps and preventing taking software updates by USB cables. It is appreciable that One UI 6.0 not only focuses on emoji, font, and icon transformations but also brings privacy-related upgrades.

As of now, One UI 6.0 brings changes in the weather app widget transformation, the stock camera app, and the share sheet customization. Also the system partition on One UI 6-based Android 14, which displays how much storage they occupy accurately in the new measuring unit, gigabytes. Soon, we can expect the second beta version in the coming weeks with more enhancements.

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