One UI 6.0 beta 2 update for the Galaxy S23 will be available next week

Samsung released the One UI 6 program, and the first beta firmware was made available for the Galaxy S23 series a few weeks ago. Now there are suggestions that the second One UI 6.0 beta firmware for the Galaxy S23 series may be released before the end of this month. Despite this information, nothing has been made clear. A moderator for the Samsung Community gave some details on the second beta update’s timetable. It is rumored that the rollout is scheduled for August 29, but this can be taken as approved as the moderator who made the assertions afterwards walked them back.

Galaxy S23 One UI 6 Beta 2 Will Available Soon

The August 29 mention was taken out of the original post after editing. But the tipster, Tarun, has screenshots of the original post shared by the Samsung moderator, which have been shared by Tarun as proof. In response to customer complaints, the community moderator added the corrected flaws found in the original One UI 6.0 beta firmware for the Galaxy S23. The second beta firmware, which will be released soon, is anticipated to fix some of these issues that arose in the previous beta version, according to the moderator.

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It can be concluded in two ways: either the firm wants to keep it a secret and doesn’t want to reveal the timeline, or something has come into their mind at the last minute and they want to add or modify it in the second beta firmware because unanticipated events or modifications have delayed the original timeline. However, the firm intends to come up with the second One UI 6.0 beta firmware within this month. The evidence essentially supports Samsung’s plan to release the second One UI 6.0 beta for the Galaxy S23 series soon. Samsung may or may not continue to stick to the August 29 deadline.

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