Samsung Electronics to Hold 7th Security Tech Forum

Samsung hosted the seventh edition of the Samsung Security Technology Forum (SSTF) today, August 22nd, at the R&D campus of Samsung Electronics in Seoul, South Korea. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started to become a severe issue in 2019, SSTF has only been available online. After four years, the 2023 event will take place offline, where all speakers’ remarks and speeches will be in real time. The SSTF is distinctive because, in contrast to other events, it doesn’t explicitly focus on unveiling new goods and features.

Initiated in 2017, SSTF is normally more focused on teaching and fostering an open disclosure that enables individuals who don’t even particularly care about Samsung devices to learn more about cybersecurity. This year’s Security event covers the subject “Hack for Security: How Hacking Drives Security Innovation.” The guest list, who are all eminent experts in the field of security technology, includes.

  1. Professor Kang G. Shin of the University of Michigan’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  2. Professor Insoo Yoon of KAIST’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  3. Professor Joon Han of Yonsei University’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Three days prior to the main event on August 19, a 12-hour pre-event hacking experience zone called the Hacker’s Playground was set up for anybody to engage in, from novice to expert hackers. The risks linked to incorrect decision-making in semi-autonomous systems brought about by hacking were discussed by Professor Shin Kang-geun and Professor In-Soo Yoon, along with the possible remedies for these issues. Following them, Professor Jun Han came up with attack and defense strategies employing sensor data from IoT and cyberphysical system devices.

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This year’s event offered more than enough of the previous events research by authors of papers presented at top security conferences. Joint projects between Samsung Research and the division and the functions and activities of hackers within the organization were also discussed. DEFCON CTF 31, the world’s finest hacking competition, which was held in the U.S. this year, included researchers from Samsung Research from the team Blue Water. The US took first place in the primary round and second place in the finals.

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