Breaking: One UI 6.0 beta program officially launched with Android 14: register now

Samsung One UI 6 is a very popular topic among Samsung fans, and the top question is always when it will be available for their devices and what changes it will bring. To answer these questions, Samsung has finally launched the One UI 6 beta program for Galaxy S23 users. The beta program is currently live in Germany, Korea, and the US. However, as it is a beta program, it will soon be available to four more beta participant countries.

Samsung reveals the new changes to the One UI 6.

One UI 6’s main mottos is to provide simplicity and ease of access. To follow this motto, the company has made some significant changes in the user interface. The Quick Panel has now been updated with a new layout that makes it easier to access. The brightness bar is available in the compact quick panel; now if you swipe down from the right corner of the screen, there will be a quick option of settings available.

Now you can use more customization options.

As expected, Samsung will provide more customization options with One UI 6, which will give a great experience of personalization. To give some context, Sasung has given an example of a feature that will allow users to set different lock screens according to modes and Routines. There is one more cool camera feature that has been revealed that allows photos to be saved in a particular folder if they are taken in any mode. For example, if you take portrait mode photos, you can select any folder where all these photos are saved.

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Apart from these innovations, the One UI 6 software update aims to simplify everyday tasks and maximize productivity. The software update also offers the most robust security and privacy, so users can enjoy mobile connectivity and convenience with total peace of mind.

How to Install the One UI 6.0 beta with Android 14

Samsung’s beta program is reserved for a very limited number of markets: Germany, Korea, and the US. The the company will soon expand in China, Poland, India, and the UK.

  • If you are in one of the above countries, you can join the One UI 6.0 and Android 14 test program through Samsung Members;
  • Log in to your Samsung account and tap on the Registration for One UI 6.0 Beta Program banner.
  • By going from the appropriate banner on the main screen of the app;
  • Fill out the form and complete the enrollment process.
  • Once you have registered, just go to the settings exactly as for normal updates: ‘Settings > Software Update > Download and Install‘.

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