Samsung Expert RAW new update v3.0.00.5 available to download

Samsung Expert RAW is one of the most popular applications from Samsung. This is designed to give some premium features for photography lovers. At first glance, it feels like a pro mode, but it has a lot more features that enhance the experience of taking photos from a smartphone.

Samsung always tries to bring some features that add novelty to its systems by updating its stock apps, but on the other hand, after loading the apps with innovations, the company also brings improvements that make them more stable. The latest update of the Expert RAW app is also one of the improvement updates because it doesn’t come with any proper changelog, which indicates that you will not get any changes.

The latest update for Expert RAW is now available on the Galaxy Store; users can easily identify it by the version number The latest update is available for those Galaxy devices that are running Android 12 or above.

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The most special thing about Expert RAW is that users can take photos in RAW format, which is very useful for editing purposes because when you edit any photo, it will lose quality; more dots make it worse. However, however if it is in RAW format, you can easily edit the images without losing quality. As said earlier, Expert RAW provides the same features as Pro Mode, but the difference is that it is faster.

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