One UI 6.0’s New Voice Cloning Feature Lets You Answer Like Yourself

Users may now answer calls with a voice that isn’t just any AI-generated sound thanks to Samsung’s second One UI 6 beta release for the Galaxy S23 series. Samsung debuted the new Bixby Text Call function during the One UI 5.0 launch. This feature was made accessible to English speakers early in the next year via the One UI upgrade. With Samsung Bixby Text Call, you can take calls silently. Before picking up the phone, you may use this to determine who is calling and why. When you use Bixby Text Call to answer the phone, Bixby picks up for you, informs the caller that you’re using Bixby voice assistant, and inquires as to why they are calling.

For One UI 6.0, things are getting enhanced as the second beta version brings a significant one: the firm now offers users the option to answer the calls with a voice, which is not only the AI-generated voice but a bespoke voice that has been created to match the original voice of the users. This newer functionality debuted in the Galaxy S23 series first, just like other upgrades. It is quite interesting to think that now a custom voice that sounds like their own can be created instead of making use of Bixby’s stock voice.

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In the Phone app’s settings, select the Bixby Text Call menu to give this feature a try. The new option can be enabled by following the process of creating a custom voice, which is shown after choosing language and choice, and then tapping the Add Voice option. After clicking that, you should record at least ten sample phrases, which will be used in creating the bespoke voice model. Due to the voice model’s apparent accent, the feature is now limited to Bixby Text Call users who have their language set to English (United States).

A reporter from Android Police found this when he tested the resulting voice, which was similar to his but with an American accent. However, this isn’t it, as the second beta rollout brings many significant functionalities. As promised by the firm earlier, the bugs found in the first version were fixed in the second beta with additional animations.

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