Wear OS-Powered Watches Send Voice Memos with Google Messages

Google Messages is one of the most used applications when it comes to communication through messages. The application offers many more features, like the ability to share high-resolution images and videos and easily add people to a group chat. With the new update, the application will offer the ability to send voice memos on smartwatches.

Google Messages for Wear OS will let you record and send voice messages from your wrist without taking any help from your phone; however, the development of the UI is not yet complete, and it is expected that Google will introduce the new capability to send voice memos on the Wear OS watches with a better UI soon.

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As of now, the current functionality of sending voice messages is limited to sending, so you can’t listen to them directly from your smartwatch’s speaker. It prompts you to “view files on the phone,” which makes it less interesting. However, Google may soon add this functionality in further updates.

It is worth noticing that the sending or receiving capability of voice memos was previously available in the smartphone version. This service is available only when you are connected to the internet. However, Google Messages also supports offline message service, which is based on your carrier’s plan.

If you are concerned about your privacy, Google Messages is best for you. It works on end-to-end encryption technology, which protects your private data from spammers and spies. Along with this, If a website is suspicious or unsafe, you’ll be warned before clicking any links. You can also block and report potential spammers to help stop unwanted and fraudulent messages.

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