Google Messages to Support satellite SMS in 150 Countries, may be with Garmin

It’s been said that Google wants to use the Google Messages app to add satellite-based messaging capabilities to Android phones. A collaboration between Garmin and Google Messages for satellite-based emergency communications was revealed by code that developer Neil Rahmouni found in the most recent version of the Google Messages app. After the stable release of Android 14 in more than 150 countries, the functionality is likely to go live. For emergency messaging, Garmin offers a number of devices that use Iridium’s low-earth orbit satellites.

This function may be included in Google’s app using Garmin technology. Neil stated, For questions about your emergency, call Garmin Response at %1$s. To report a new emergency, call your local emergency number. Rahmouni, though, is right to caution against blindly accepting reports of a partnership between Google and Garmin. Prior to the satellite texting service starting to send messages, everything was subject to change. While Google has said that Android 14 will allow satellite connectivity, it is yet unknown when, where, or which smartphones will support it.

There is currently a strong ecosystem of devices from Garmin that utilize satellite communication for communicating in emergency scenarios. However, Google and Garmin aren’t the only firms offering this feature. In addition, satellite-based emergency SOS functions have already been included in Apple’s and Huawei’s smartphones. Satellite connectivity on a smartphone isn’t built for streaming 4K video, but when you can’t connect to a regular cellular network, you can use it to send emergency texts, as we’ve previously seen with the iPhone 14.

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It was expected that Samsung would do the same with the Galaxy S23; however, the Galaxy S24 would instead include the functionality.

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