Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 straps come off easily – Be careful not to lose them from your wrist

The Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic are surely the most innovative smartwatches from Samsung that were launched a few months ago. With several new specifications and features, the watches truly lived up to their anticipation. One among them is the comeback of the rotating bezel in the Classic version, which is something the firm left behind on their previous ones. However, this isn’t it, as the new strap mechanism is one of the bigger improvements in Samsung’s smartwatch lineup, which hasn’t altered much year after year. But it seems this feature comes with a disadvantage.

It appears that there are issues with the new strap system, though, as several customers are reporting that their Galaxy Watch 6 has actually slid off their wrist. The reliable news blog Sammobile addressed the fact that users of Galaxy Watch 6 series models have been commenting on a Reddit thread that criticizes the new one-click strap mechanism as a design flaw. This is something that we need to appreciate about these sources to highlight the user’s issue. A one-click mechanism was developed in order to reduce the complexity for users while exchanging straps frequently. The easy mechanism also carries the risk of the wearable falling from the wearer’s wrist.

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Amidst all this, there is something that we can rest assured about, as not everyone experiences it, but those who do appear to be more prone to it have more noticeable wrist bones. So things are clear about the new structure, even though it functions flawlessly but seems to be at greater risk than its prior variants. To demonstrate this issue in a more clear way, a video has been shared by the sources that showcases the wrist bone pressing the quick-release button on the new strap, particularly if the watch is worn in a secure manner and close to the wrist bone. It is notable that with the new models, as well as the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 series, the new “one-click” strap mechanism is compatible with the vintage pins.

One thing that may be advised for individuals who intend to buy the new watch series is that instead of ordering online, they can visit nearby offline stores and try the wearables; check how they work on their wrist accordingly. Samsung should come up with something about this issue, or else it will lead to losing a wide range of customers.

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