Samsung is working on the Galaxy XCover 7, new rugged phone coming

We are still almost a quarter away from the next year, but Samsung is already working on several Galaxy devices. In the past few months, we have already witnessed many rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S24 series devices. But behind the scenes, Samsung is also working on its Xcover series devices; it is estimated that the company will unveil the Xcover 7 in early 2024.

However, currently, there is only the model number available about the device, which indicates that this time the company may not introduce the seventh generation of the Xcover series under the pro name.

As per Galaxy Club, the Galaxy Xcover 7 will be available with model number SM-G556B. In the model number, the first digit is lower than the generation. While the Galaxy XCover Pro was available with model number G7xx, which has a larger first digit than the generation, on the basis of this information, we can say that this time the company may not introduce the new XCover device with ‘The Pro name.

Will the Xcover 7 and Galaxy A55 share the same specifications?

If you focus on the model number of the XCover 7, i.e., G556B, the upcoming A series device will also likely have the same version number as the A55B, indicating that the company may share the same specifications as the Galaxy A55 with the upcoming Galaxy XCover device.

If this happens, then the Galaxy X Cover 7 will be more expensive. In the past, every X-cover model was equipped with the strongest hardware but lacked software and utility specifications. Let’s see how Samsung will launch the new Xcover phone. Talking about the launch, it is estimated that Samsung could release it in early 2024.

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