Samsung will beat TSMC in production of 4nm chip in the US

Samsung has faced many problems in the last few months in the chip market. The company has suffered a heavy loss due to COVID; however, the company is recovering from it and sold DRAM chips for $4.01 billion in the first quarter of the year. On the other hand, the company is also growing its 4nm nanometer-class process technology and planning to beat its rival.

According to Trendforce, Samsung’s foundry business makes a good revenue of $3.23 billion, which is a hike of 17.3%; however, the report also predicts that the next quarter may not be suitable for sales because of the slowdown of the economy, and due to this, the demand for Android smartphones, PCs, and laptops may decrease. But there will be another boost for the company coming on the back of Apple’s new inventory buildup, which will help Samsung increase its revenue.

The report also shows the revenue growth of Samsung. In the first quarter, Samsung made revenue of $2757 million, which was reported as a growth of 17.3% in the second quarter at $3234 million. The market share also increased by 11.7%, which was 9.9%. While its competitor TSMC has reported a reduction in both market share and revenue, TSMC is far ahead of Samsung.

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Samsung Foundry is optimistic about its position in the semiconductor market and is gearing up to challenge TSMC more aggressively than before, said Kyung Kye-hyun, co-CEO of Samsung, at a special lecture at Seoul National University, reports the Korea Herald. If the company grows like this, then it may soon beat TSMC.

But on the other hand, Samsung is still behind Intel’s foundry services because the company is only planning to produce 4 nm-class technology. While Intel is all set to work on the 20A (2 nm class) chip in 2024 and is also planning to go ahead with the 18A (1.8 nm class) chip in the coming years,.

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