One UI 6 finally fixed the inaccurate system memory usage on Galaxy phones

Whenever you want to check the memory usage of your devices, you probably go to the settings of the device, where you see the memory status of the device or the storage occupied by different things on your device. Most of the time, you may notice that it always shows a large amount of data occupied by One UI; however, this is happening because of miscalculations done by Android itself.

Android miscalculated files

Samsung One UI is one of the popular skins that provides several new features with new Android updates. As it comes with a variety of functions, it puts more weight on the devices, and it also expands some time to give more smoothness to the devices; however, this time several users are reporting excessive weight of the One UI with the stock Android system. However, it is creating the miscalculation and showing the other files on the system.

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To further explain, Mishaal Rahman has tried to see more clearly; to do so, he creates a 3GB  file in /data/media/0 full of random data, and then in the final result, he finds that the Android system is also calculating this file as the system storage. Initially, the system storage was 13 GB, and it increased to 16 GB. He has also tried this on more devices and got the same result.

Samsung finally fixed the issue

This problem may also continue with Android 14, but fortunately, Samsung has addressed it and fixed it with its One UI 6. According to the test, the 3GB file is now showing up in the “Other files” category. It is expected that Samsung will resolve the issue on all of the Galaxy devices that are eligible to get One UI 6.

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