Samsung One UI 6 Beta Program is a great way to get early access to Android 14′ new features

After a series of delays, last month Samsung officially released the beta program of its One UI 6.0 for the Galaxy S23 series, albeit only in Germany, South Korea, and the United States. After that, it expanded to India, China, Poland, and the UK.

However, the company is gradually expanding the availability of the One UI 6.0 beta to more devices. Now the company has also started distributing the firmware for its latest mid-range premium smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54. The new One UI makes a lot of improvements to Samsung’s custom interface. In addition to numerous new features, it also introduces improvements for notifications, easy access to the full quick panel, a new button layout, and more, plus adds new widgets, improves Samsung’s native apps, and introduces new camera features.

One UI 6.0 Beta Program

Samsung releases One UI 6’s beta based on Android 14 and allows users to have a more personalized experience on their smartphone. This includes new adjustments to various applications and features; for example, there are new customization options.

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One of the big changes in One UI 6 is that the customization layer is already based on Android 14, which will mean that the Samsung software is renewed twice, both by the operating system and by the customization layer. That means that there are a multitude of novelties in various aspects of the phone:

  • Lock screen: we will be free to place the watch on the screen.
  • Home screen: the names of the apps will be on a single line, and Samsung’s own apps will simplify their names.
  • Notification panel: there will be many changes here. The buttons have been redesigned, we will be able to access the entire panel immediately (without swiping twice), access to the screen brightness will be facilitated, the design of the notifications has been improved, etc.
  • Text: A new default font has been added.
  • Multitasking: we will be able to keep pop-ups open more easily.
  • Keyboard: new design for emojis
  • Share: The content sharing menu has been renewed to improve the user experience.
  • The Weather app has been renewed with multiple improvements, such as a new widget, improved illustrations, and interactive maps.
  • Calendar: the reminder system has been improved, and the app’s schedule has been redesigned.
  • Reminders: The system has been strengthened by being able to create different categories of calendars and permanent reminders.
  • Gallery: It is another of the aspects with the most improvements. We will be able to save stickers created from images, the recognition and experience of slide content will be improved, and the photo editor will add functionalities such as “undo” and “redo”, in addition to improving its own interface.
  • Camera: one of the cornerstones of One UI 6. Widgets for the home, improvements in quick access to photo settings, improvements in scanning, more advanced optimization, and improvements in video with automatic FPS options

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