Samsung XR headset to let users smell virtual environments: Report

Back in February 2023, at Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung said that it was teaming up with Google and Qualcomm to build an XR headset. Although not much is known about Samsung’s most recent XR attempts, it is anticipated that they won’t be powered by smartphones like its previous Gear VR headsets but rather by standalone devices. But now we have got to know some prominent features of the gadget.

As per the leaked facts from the reliable tipster, Revegnus, Samsung’s XR is a fascinating product. It appears that Apple’s Vision Pro served as a major source of inspiration. The addition of support for touch and even smell, as well as related technology, is being considered. With over 3000 ppi, the display specifications are equally outstanding. The touch feature is similar to the XR headset from Apple, but the smell support comes out of the box. If it turns out to be real, then being able to offer fragrance would enhance the immersion of VR experiences for entertainment aspects such as games and movies.

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The South Korean Giant will become touchable if this prominent feature becomes successful; as of now, there hasn’t been much advancement in the area of devices that may emit smells. The collaboration brings in a Qualcomm CPU and a Google operating system. The mixed reality XR headset from Samsung will include many sensors and cameras. also have the ability to use Galaxy laptops, Galaxy tablets, and Galaxy smartphones. Additionally, the gadget has a microLED screen from eMagin.

These aren’t the accurate rumors stated by the users, as not every time the rumors stated by the tipster turned out to be true. Earlier, a new leaked prototype that showcases Samsung’s design philosophy was revealed a month ago. The prototype also includes two mini OLED panels with a Qualcomm XR CPU.

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