Samsung Galaxy S24 to be a blockbuster

The Galaxy S series from Samsung always has a great fan following, and the Galaxy S23 series truly proved it with its blockbuster success. Next awaits the Galaxy S24 series, which is expected to hit the market in early 2024. It seems not only the customer but even the firm holds great anticipation for its launch. Samsung will be trying to increase manufacturing even more for the following year, when the S24 series is anticipated to launch after a strong sales year. The South Korean giant will aim for a total sales volume of 30 million units for the S24 series.

For the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung appears to be anticipating staggering sales

And 15 million of those units will be planned for the Ultra variant, while the remaining units will be split between the base variant S24 and the Plus variant S24+ at 7.5 million each, according to the Korean source, ETNews. This is just a calculation by the firm that the Galaxy S24 series will do a better job than the S23 series in terms of sales, as the Galaxy S23 series did a great job compared to the prior S22 series. It is also said that Samsung has notified its partners about the manufacturing schedule and will start mass producing parts in November.

The business intends to bring the Galaxy S24 before the Galaxy S23, which was introduced in February, as bulk production of the Galaxy S23’s component parts began in December of 2022. When compared to the Galaxy S22 range’s 15.1 million units delivered over the same time period in 2022, the Galaxy S23 series shipped 18.63 million units in its first six months of availability, which is nearly 23% higher. It’s the Ultra variant that accounts for the highest sales value every time; the firm needs to wait for a few months to see how the S24 series actually performs in the market.

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Thanks to “Etnews