Android 14 brings new features to improve photos on social media

In today’s generation, the majority of people hold Android smartphones, but when it comes to clicking real-life images, most of them prefer iPhones over Android ones. But it’s not the case, as even Android smartphones can produce better images compared to iPhones when the default camera software gets upgraded. Even social media applications are selected by users for clicking images because of the filters that the platforms offer and because they don’t integrate the post-processing algorithms of the primary camera app. Nowadays, it’s very rare to see users choosing the original camera of the phone for capturing images.

Further, these problems arise due to reasons like manufacturers using different sensors and processors; fragmentation of the hardware components can also be added. Google has made the mandatory decision to bring the support of the Bokeh and Night extensions to all the new smartphones that were released with Android 14. That includes both the front and back camera systems. This may sound unbelievable, but a participant from the Google-organized conference has shared the news. The main objective of making the Bokeh and Night extensions mandatory is to bring the quality of third-party applications closer to that of the default camera app.

The South Korean tech side supports all extensions under Camera2 and CameraX, but it is not stated whether manufacturers will be required to offer both the CameraX and Camera 2 extensions or whether one set of extensions is enough. Also, the devices that were released with Android 14 as the default out of the box will receive this requirement, or some of the selected devices, like those that were categorized under Media Performance Class 14, will have priority; that’s something not yet known.

However, other manufacturers should too come up with the same thing that Samsung has done, especially those who are better at providing enhancements in the imaging sector. Let’s hope that Android 14 solves the issue for Android users by boosting the camera software. 

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