These Galaxy Watches already support Apple Watch’s double-tap feature

In the recent launch of new smartwatches, Apple has teased its gesture functionality for users, especially double tapping, which allows you to activate different tasks. There are several more gestures available that you can assign to individual tasks. On the other hand, Samsung has already introduced the same functionality in its Galaxy watches in the form of universal gestures.

What are “universal gestures”?

Universal gesture is the new feature for Galaxy watches, which allows users to control several functions of the watch without touching the screen. The new One UI watch 5 can sense hand movement for Galaxy watches, so when it senses any particular movement, it will react to it and do the work that is assigned with the gesture. For example, you can go to the next item with a pinch of your thumb and index finger, and a double pinch will go to the previous item.

These Galaxy watches support universal gestures

Samsung has introduced the “universal gesture” feature with its latest One UI watch, i.e., the One UI Watch 5, so the watch that is eligible to get the update will be compatible with the feature; more specifically, the Galaxy Watch 4 series, Galaxy Watch 5 series, and Galaxy Watch 6 series watches will be able to perform the task with universal gestures.

Moreover, after updating the watches to One UI Watch 5, you have to activate them. To do so, first go to accessibility, then tap on interaction and dexterity, and finally on universal gestures, then enable it. If you don’t like it, then you can also turn it off in the same way. The One UI Watch 5 has also brought several new features that will give more utility options for Galaxy watches. If you want to explore them all, tap here.

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