Samsung updates popular apps for Galaxy Watches and smartphones

Samsung is continuously working hard to bring new application updates for Galaxy devices. With the new update, the company doesn’t reveal anything about these apps, which indicates that it is preparing to enhance its Galaxy ecosystem for its latest One UI updates.

For your information, the company has recently released the One UI Watch 5 update for its popular Galaxy watches, including the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 6. With the new update, the company has brought many new functionalities to the existing stock features, including Watch faces and tiles, Samsung Health, Backup and Restore, and many more.

Samsung expands One UI 6 Beta 4 for Galaxy S23 in more regions

On the other hand, Samsung has already started testing the One UI 6 for eligible Galaxy devices. With the latest One UI skin for smartphones, it has brought several new features that have been added to several existing functions. So to make the app compatible, the company has brought several new apps for its Galaxy devices.

ApplicationVersion number Devices
Samsung securore folder1.9.00.32Galaxy smartphones
Samsung accessibility15.0.00.17Galaxy smartphones
Samsung Camera14.0.00.67Galaxy smartphones
Samsung Gallery15.0.00.28Galaxy smartphones
Samsung phone15.0.28Galaxy Smartphones
Samsung contacts smartwatches (WearOS)
Samsung Reminder smartwatches (wearOS)
Samsung Gallery smartwatches (WearOS)
Samsung phone smartwatches(WearOS)
Video Player1.0.02.1Galaxy smartwatches (WearOS)
Alarm1.1.01.0Galaxy smartwatches(WearOS)
Samsung Messages14.0.18Galaxxy smartwatches (WearOS)

Note: Some of the listed apps may get automatically updated to the latest version when it is available for your device. You can check the version number of the apps by going to the app information menu by settings of the app or by touch.

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