Google Messages Gets New Updates with Redesign Voice Recorder

Google is all set to bring new updates to the Google Messages application. This time, the company is bringing a redesigned voice recorder. However, it will not bring any functional changes, but the look or feel will be enhanced.

According to the report, the latest update for the redesign of the voice recorder is a currency available for selected users; it is not clear whether it will be changed from the server side or through the new update. If we talk about the changes in detail, so it has some UI changes, the voice recorder, which was previously available in the shape of a mic, is now changed to the waveform.

Apart from the UI design change, it also added a panel that contains the start and stop buttons, accompanied by the delete button. When you start recording, a counter and waveform notes progress above. You can also listen to the recording before adding it to the message field for sending.

Apart from these, Google has brought many new changes to the Messenger application for smartphones as well as WearOS-supported watches. This month, the company has already updated the watch version, and now it seems that the company may bring a new update for smartphones and tablets.

Google Messages is the most updated date and provides all the helpful features for text message communication for both RCS and carrier-based communication. So if you are bored with your basic built-in message application, you should give it a try.

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Thanks to “9to5Google