Samsung to Bring New Features to New Tablets and Laptops

Samsung’s contribution to the smartphone industry is known; with its unique enabled design and enhanced features, Galaxy smartphones stand out. Now the firm is shifting its focus towards the higher levels—tablets and laptops. In other words, the firm has already offered great tablets and laptops, but it intends to bring in more enhanced features and hardware setups. The corporation appears to have undertaken conversations (via Revegnus) with university students in South Korea about some of the features it is developing for future laptops and tablets.

Improvements in the Galaxy tablets and laptops that we can expect as per the conversation:

  • The Galaxy Tab tablet’s S Pen can be greatly improved compared to the Apple Pencil by lowering latency.
  • May also release attachments for the S Pen to make it simple for usage for longer periods of time, and most importantly, all these accessories may be supplied for free.
  • The location of the Action Button on the S Pen could also be modified.
  • The firm also intends to add an anti-reflective coating to the screen to improve the user experience.
  • The business also intends to work with Google Translate, Naver Papago, and Clova to increase productivity on its laptops and tablets.
  • The Samsung Notes software comes pre-installed on all Samsung laptops and tablets, and the firm plans to bring it in with additional features.
  • The company may add a highlighter option to Samsung Notes, similar to the one found in the GoodNotes app.
  • Several ways to increase the camera, audio, and microphone quality on its laptops and tablets may be included.
  • A four-sided book cover and a S-pen case may also be introduced.

If the above-mentioned features were integrated into the Galaxy Book 4 and Galaxy Tab S10, then the firm would have a great way to go. Also, the Galaxy Book 4 may be equipped with Intel’s recently announced Meteor Lake CPUs. Features like enormous performance and power efficiency may have arrived with 7nm CPUs, and if they were implied into the Galaxy Book laptop lineups, the shell life may have increased far more than the Galaxy Book 3 lineups. The discussion claimed that the firm planned some additional peripherals, but for some reasons, a few of them were a four-sided book cover and a S pen case. However, the features may or may not be applied to the Galaxy Tab and Book lineups, but this is just an indication of what the firm may bring in the future.

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