Wear OS Gets New Custom Watch Face Maker from KWGT Developer

Google is the main parent company that offers all the new features for WearOS-powered watches. The company always offers new enhancements with a major update, like recently when it introduced a lot of new features. However,  for more new functionality, Google also supports other applications for better options, like KWCH, a custom watch face maker.

KWCH is the latest app introduced by Kustom developer. With this app, Android users can easily make fully customized watch faces from scratch. Inside the app, users will get a lot of options that can be used to recreate a watch face.

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Kustom’s developer has also offered a custom widget maker. To use both applications can be a little tricky, but once you learn how to use all the features, you can easily make unlimited new watch faces and widgets for the watches, which are powered by WearOS.

The developer also explained about the functioning of KWCH and said, “Revolutionize your Android smartwatch with KWCH, the most powerful Wear OS watch face creator ever! Craft unique designs using its WYSIWYG editor, and display any data you need with fantastic animations! Imagine Rainmeter or Conky for your smartwatch; this is it!

“With KWCH, create customized digital and analog clocks (with seconds hand), animated patterns, live map backgrounds, weather widgets, sophisticated CPU and memory meters, and much more. Imagination is the limit”.

The application will offer several customization options, like skins, custom text and shape support for the actions, and the ability to use image files to help create watch faces. However, in the basic app, there are some limitations, but if you subscribe to the pro version, you will get some more things, like the ability to create preset packs as an APK to be shared with others and remove advertisements.

The KWCH application is now available on the Play Store. The application is compatible with WearOS 2.5 and above, which means there will be a majority of smartwatches. If all goes well, then you will likely start seeing watch faces for KWCH available in the Play Store from talented artists.

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