Samsung updates its stock phone and contacts apps

Samsung always gives more importance to its stock applications and regularly brings improvements to them; from those, the phone and contacts are basic but crucial applications for its devices. The phone application provides an intuitive interface with all the details that help users make calls, while the contacts application offers all the useful features that allow users to manage their contacts. Both of the apps store the personal information of the users so as to provide them with security. Samsung frequently rolls out new updates.

Samsung applied a new stabilized patch for these applications

Every month, Samsung brings new security enhancements for its applications, which the phone and the contacts application primarily get frequently. With the new update, the company is now rolling out a new update for these apps with the aim of enhancing the stabilization of internal functions and also providing new security. The latest update for Samsung’s Phone app and contacts apps is sharing the same version number, 14.7.34.

Samsung One UI 6.0 Have New Visual Changes to Galaxy Phones Compare to One UI 5.1

Samsung generally updates these apps automatically as they are the most important part of the devices, but if you find that these devices haven’t been updated to the latest version, you can manually do it by going to the Galaxy Store and searching the name of this application there. In case you are not getting the original apps in the search results, you can directly go to the official Galaxy Store page through these links: Samsung Phone and Samsung Contacts.

Samsung Ends Software Support for a Number of Galaxy Devices: Check Your Phone

Samsung has improved its ecosystem. This all happened because of its OneUI skin. By providing new features, the company always tries to bring more convenience to its users. The Samsung Phone and Contacts are also equipped with its skin design, which makes the interface more interactive and easy to use. It is also worth noticing that Samsung has also designed a separate ditto application for both applications for its Galaxy watches, which makes them easy to connect.

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