Samsung Releases New Beta Update for Internet Browser with Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Samsung Internet Browser is not a usual browser app; it brings several smart features that make it unique from other applications. To ensure the stability of new features, Samsung has also made a separate beta version of the application. First, the beta application gets a new update, then it sends it to the other stable application (the Samsung Internet Browser). Now Samsung has rolled out a new update for the beta.

Samsung Internet Browser New Beta update

Samsung has rolled out a new beta update for the Internet Browser beta. With the new update, the company doesn’t reveal anything, and there is no new changelog attached to it, which indicates that the application could not get any important features or improvements. Previously, in one of the significant updates, Samsung pushed improvements for the history pages and URL. It has increased the number of days for history saved and made automated URLs auto-complete them. But with the new update, the company may include some improvements for the applications.

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The fresh update for Samsung Internet Beta is coming with version number The application is the original application of Samsung, but the company has made it available to all other Android devices; therefore, the new update is also available on both of the stores, including the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store.

Samsung Internet Browser features

Samsung Internet Browser provides a variety of features that make your internet browsing safer and more interactive. Here we are highlighting some of them:

  • Smart Anti-Tracking: It intelligently identifies domains that have cross-site tracking ability and blocks storage access.
  • URL Autocomplete: when entering the URL in the address bar, the URL is completed automatically.
  • Content Blocker: Samsung Internet for Android allows third-party apps to provide filters for content blocking, making browsing safer and more streamlined.

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