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Spotify’s new update brings a fresh interface to Samsung Galaxy devices



Spotify is a very popular music streaming app among all smartphone users, whether it’s Android or iOS. Whenever it comes to listening to your favorite music, the first choice is always Spotify. One of the main reasons behind trending is its simplicity, which allows users to listen to their favorite songs without any complications. To further expand its ease of use, the company has rolled out a new update for Android users.

All the new interface changes are coming at the same time as the announcement of a major expansion of audiobooks, which will be accessible for free with your Spotify subscription, starting this week in the UK.

What new changes are coming with the new version?

With the latest update, Spotify’s developer team has brought several changes to the interface of the application, like the new user interface, which modifies the Home tab of the application with significant changes and a redesigned top bar. Several contents, like filters for music, podcasts, and audiobooks, are moved to the top of the screen; however, the UI of these features is still the same as previously.

The most important change is the introduction of a hamburger menu, which will give access to several shortcuts, including viewing your profile, accessing settings, viewing your listening history, and viewing the feed dedicated to news.

Additionally, with the new update, you will get simple access to settings as it is now available with a new tab, while earlier it was located under the library tab, which creates a bit of confusion and is tricky to find for new users.

If you want to try all these changes on your smartphones, then you should update the app to the latest version, which will be available according to your device. To check whether the update is available for your device or not, tap on this link, which will redirect you to the official Spotify page on the Google Play Store.

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Samsung Health update brings useful features compatible with Galaxy watches




Samsung Health is one of the most used applications on Galaxy devices because it provides many dedicated features to support the health users’ heal health. To bring more additions, the company has started rolling out the July 2024 update for Samsung Health.

Samsung Health July 2024 update: What’s new

Samsung has rolled out a new update for Samsung Health with the version number According to the changelog, the update has brought many new features.

You can now manage your daily wellness by your energy score and improve your energy with personalized tips; it works with Galaxy Watch 4 and above with Wear OS 5.

Now you can set your health focus, and according to it, you will get recommended advice on achieving the specific goal.

A new AGEs index is available for the Galaxy Watch 7, which gives you an indication of your metabolic health. Health reflects your overall biological ageing process and is strongly influenced by your diet and lifestyle.

To make it more interesting, Samsung has brought the ability to share and retrieve health information such as the number of steps, exercise and sleep among family members.

The latest update for Samsung Health is live on the Galaxy store; users who have eligible devices can now install it and enjoy fresh features.

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Camera Assistant is also now available for Galaxy M53



Samsung Camera Assistant is a Good Lock module that allows users to take advantage of several camera functionalities on devices. Samsung has limited its availability to some devices, but now the Galaxy M53 also has access to the function.

Galaxy M53 now supports Camera Assistant

Samsung has recently rolled out a new update for Camera Assistant with version With the latest update, the Galaxy M53 is also getting support from the camera assistant.

For your information, the Camera Assistant will provide many features that can help users adjust the camera’s features, such as Zoom shortcuts, DDFadapter correction, and more.

If you are using the Galaxy M53, you can now take advantage of the Camera Assistant. To do that, you just need to download the latest update from the Galaxy store. To find out about the availability of other devices, you can check the list.

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Sound Assistant update brings new Buds 3 icons




Sound Assistant is one of the Good lock modules that allows users to customize sound-related functions. Now, the company has started rolling out a new update for the application that will bring more changes.

Sound Assistant

Sound Assistant is getting a new update with version number With the fresh update now, Galaxy Buds 3 icons are applied; when you connect Galaxy Buds 3 to your smartphone, it will be shown in new icons.

The update also changed the Equalizer’s name. The company has mentioned applying a new stabilization code. for better working

If you use a Samsung smartphone or tablet with good lock compatibility, you can now check for updates via the Galaxy store.

Sound Assistant features

Sound Assistant provides several utility features to customize sound-related settings and interfaces. For instance, users can add different effects to the Volume UI, set the volume of each app individually, and more.

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