Galaxy S24 Ultra to make video recording more cinematic with 5x zoom camera

The Galaxy S24 series will soon be launched, and this time it is coming to market earlier than before. Within the series, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is getting quite many upgrades and changes. The future flagship is also reported to get an upgrade in the camera system. The Galaxy S24 Ultra supposedly now has a 5x optical camera, going away from the 10x optical zoom camera. The decrease in numbers may make you think that this is a downgrade, but it is not. A significant improvement will certainly result from this decrease, which will benefit particularly videography fans.

Galaxy S24 Ultra users could record 4k 60fps video while switching lenses

The camera configuration of the Galaxy S24 Ultra includes a 200 MP primary rear camera, a 12 MP ultrawide camera, a 10 MP telephoto camera with a 3x optical zoom, and a 50 MP telephoto camera with a 5x optical zoom. No Galaxy flagship has the ability to move between an ultrawide, wide, and telephoto lens while capturing video at a frame rate of 4K at 60 fps. But it seems the Galaxy S24 Ultra will break the chain with a better processor/ISP and a more competent telephoto camera, both of which will be included in the upcoming Galaxy S Ultra.

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The reason why this is a benefit, although the telephoto camera changed from a 10x to a 5x, is that Samsung is reportedly using a larger and higher resolution sensor in conjunction. Because of this, it is able to witness 10x optical quality and, more crucially, better pictures and videos in low light. In other words, we can say that with inferior optical zoom, the firm could be able to match up performance levels on par with the Galaxy S23 Ultra if paired with the higher resolution sensor. It is notable that this change would also bring effortless video recording across all devices.

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