Good Lock Update Brings Edge Lighting+ to All Galaxy Devices

Samsung’s Good Lock is a very unique application that comes with a lot of features that help you customize the system’s different functions, such as notification, navigation bar, home screen, wallpaper, and many more. There are different modules available for each function, and now, with the latest update, a new module, Edge Lighting+, is available for Galaxy devices. It was previously available only for foldable devices.

Good Lock update brings Edge Lighting+ Module

Samsung has rolled out a new update to Good Lock, which is coming with version number At first sight, it looks like a normal improvement update because the company hasn’t revealed anything in the changelog; it only says “improving the way plugins are installed,” but after installing the update, we found that it has brought a new Edge lighting module for the Galaxy devices.

For your information, the edge lighting feature is useful; it works as a notification indicator and replaces the traditional notification light. The main story behind this module is very interesting, as Samsung has quickly adopted the infinity display for most of its devices, and due to this, the company is not able to leave any place for giving the notification light for the device, so to resolve the problem, the company has come up with a new idea to flash the notification with its new LED lighting system, Edge Lighting+.

To get the latest module on your device, you just need to update the Good Lock to the latest update, and to do that, you just have to go to the Galaxy Store and search for the Good Lock here. If you find the update button, then tap on it and install the latest update.

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