One UI 6.0 stable with Android 14 around the corner

Samsung is all set to introduce Android 14 to its Galaxy devices. To do that, it has already started working on introducing the beta updates to the Galaxy devices. The Galaxy S23 is the device that got the first entry into the One UI 6 beta program, and it looks like the company will introduce the One UI 6 stable update to the device initially.

One UI 6 and Android 14 will soon be available for Galaxy S23 devices

Samsung has rapidly introduced One UI 6 beta updates to the Galaxy S23 device. The first One UI 6 beta update was released on August 11, and then the company brought new beta updates for the devices. It is worth noticing the Korean giant hasn’t introduced any new features after the first beta update, which has come full of features. However, after the first beta update, other ones brought fixes that improved the functioning of the devices.

Samsung One UI 6.0 Stable Version Changelog

Moreover, with the last One UI 6 beta update, i.e., beta 7, It is somewhat clear that Samsung may bring one UI 6 stable update in the next few days because the latest beta update doesn’t bring any major fixes and doesn’t show any other critical issues remaining in the Known Bugs sections.

To be more concrete about the arrival of the One UI 6 stable update, there is one new firmware version spotted on the Samsung servers. According to the information, a new firmware version, BWJG (last letters), was on test servers in three countries, including Europe, India, and South Korea. However, before the stable update, it is also reported that there is one more firmware spotted on the same servers and said to be the One UI 6 beta 8 update, which is most probably the last beta update for the device.

If everything is working as planned, we could see the One UI 6 stable update in a couple of weeks because if beta 8 arrives, it will also take a minimum of one week, so it can be safe to say that we will grab the One UI 6 stable on our Galaxy S23 devices in early November.

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