Samsung Galaxy S21 Update Breaks Xumm Wallet for Some Users

Samsung has recently rolled out the October 2023 update, which has been introduced on almost all of the devices. The update is only designed to provide security enhancements that will give an extra boost to the performance and stability of the device. But for Galaxy S21 users, a new problem arises related to the Xumm wallet.

Xumm has reported that the latest October 2023 update has the potential to damage the secure data stored in the Xumm wallet, and this is already happening with the users. The Xumm wallet is not opening to eradicate the issue, and the company has advised taking immediate action.

For users who haven’t installed the update yet, it is recommended to verify the presence of their secret key before proceeding. However, if the key is attached to it, users are advised to uninstall the XUMM and reinstall it, then import the accounts using a secret key after completing the new software update. This is a very crucial step to ensure the security and functionality of the wallet.

Additionally, the company has also said that if users have Xoom Tangem cards, then they should also import them to ensure the integrity of their account information. Along with this, the company has also advised users who are unsure about the status of their accounts or secret keys that they should verify their accounts before downloading the software update.

For your information, the Xumm wallet is an application that provides an XRP ledger that empowers developers and users to collaborate in a secure way, where user keys are kept safely on their devices.

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