Samsung One UI 6 Gaming Hub replaces Game Launcher

Gamers will refer to the Samsung Game Launcher software as Gaming Hub with the One UI 6.0 release. Fans claim that with the Android 14 upgrade, Samsung informed users that the game launcher would become the gaming hub. Gaming Hub is the new name for the Samsung gaming platform, Game Launcher. Android 14 will be the first to see it, and then earlier operating systems. Samsung says that depending on the device menu, “Game Launcher” and “Gaming Hub” may be used interchangeably. Samsung is bringing about an unnecessary change by removing the prefix Samsung from its several applications.

Earlier, Samsung music was changed to music; now this follows the gaming application. With the primary focus on creating cloud gaming services, Samsung even said early in 2023 that these applications will be available for its 2020 TV models. Gaming hubs are already included in more recent Samsung TVs, so you can stream games without a console or streaming device. Rather, it is possible that its cloud gaming service will launch as an ad-supported offering, and there are rumors that it will only work with mobile devices.

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In addition to offering a wider variety of gaming options, Gaming Hub seeks to be a platform that automatically organizes the games you have loaded. As time goes on, the organization will offer you a wide range of features, so keep checking back. Currently, they have stated only the important points that the user needs to acknowledge.

  • The service will be named Gaming Hub starting with Android OS version 14, and earlier OSs will also be updated sequentially. (Please note that on some OSS, “Game Launcher” and “Gaming Hub” may be used interchangeably in certain menus.)
  • With the app name change, legal texts, including the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, will also change the service name to “Samsung Gaming Hub.”
  • This is a separate service from “Samsung Gaming Hub” on Samsung TV, which is available in some countries, and syncing, etc. are not supported.

The maker, without providing specifics, stated unequivocally at the service’s presentation that it will not just serve as a repository for user-downloaded games but will instead provide further features. However, there are no formal confirmations in this regard, as only the name of the app has been changed.

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