Samsung Game Launcher’s Cloud Play Eliminates Downloads

The Samsung Game Launcher, which allows you to play mobile games on Samsung smartphones through Samsung’s mobile cloud gaming service, is now available in open beta from Samsung. With this new upgrade, the need for downloading the cloud-based Samsung Game Launcher is eradicated, and the players can begin their game with no download; all they need is a strong 5G connection. Earlier, there was a game advertisement popping out, and after clicking the ad, the user would be directed to download the game if they had a strong internet connection.

The completion of the process takes around a minute, which will be followed by a registration process. But with the open beta, the users don’t need to register as the gadget creator knows who the person is, and the gamers are directly allowed to play games. The main objective behind this upgrade is that many gamers give up their games at some point due to this long, dragging process. In an interview with Gamesbeat, the vice president and head of Gaming services at Samsung, Jong Hyuk Woo, stated that the launcher reduces friction when it comes to gaming sales online.

If you are one of the million active users on the Galaxy devices, then you can just update the existing Game launcher platform. As of now, Samsung’s mobile cloud gaming platform’s new beta will be accessible only in the US and Canada regions. Partners Playrix and Snow Print Studios have their seven games available now. With the compatibility of WiFi, 4G LTE, and 5G, we can expect more games soon. Comparing the aspects of server and technological setups, Woo said that the firm learned a lot from other firms within the cloud gaming market.

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For the past two years, the business has been under the work of technology and infrastructure, and a closed beta test took place in Western Canada early this year. It has already undergone seven months of beta testing in some capacity. He mentioned that scaling the games with paid user acquisition is a major issue for game publishers, as attracting users using this and advertising would turn into a less effective way of earning due to the increased privacy regulations.

Discoverability is a major issue from the consumer’s perspective, as a lot of time is spent by the firm, but sometimes it results in an exciting way that users don’t want to. This is made easier by playing on cloud gaming, as you can play by clicking on an ad and include your friends within seconds by sharing the link. The launcher lets you manage useful features like turning on the Do Not Disturb feature while playing a game.

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