Samsung’s Zero-Frame Display and the Next Generation of iPhones

With the evolving environment, smartphones are equipped with different screen technologies. As time goes by, manufacturers need to bring creativity and innovation to every aspect of their work. Samsung Display has done a good job of offering varying screen technologies, starting with the evolution from the water drop screen to the notch screen to the perforated screen tech. When thinking about what’s next, Samsung will emphasize zero-frame full technology along with under-screen camera (UPC) technology.

According to the Chinese news blog IT House, a Chinese blogger reveals that Samsung Display showcases the next generation of screen technology. Under-panel camera (UPC) is a method used to integrate a front-facing camera into a smartphone, literally meaning a camera positioned under a display panel. Combining UPC with zero-frame full-screen by removing camera holes and integrating front cameras under the panel, UPC technology is one of the perfect full-screen approaches.

Other than this, another exciting news item is that the iPhone is anticipated to be the first device to use this new screen technology if this turns out to be true and Samsung makes it possible. Both firms are known for their rivalries, but other than that, Samsung and Apple have a close working relationship in the supply chain sector. Earlier, it was suggested by the same source that the big techies Samsung and LG are developing OLED panels for the iPhone with the aim of bringing the border width down to zero.

Apple focuses on an edge-to-edge display, but at the same time, the iPhone’s flat display and angular form on the product’s edges need to be preserved, which is the reason behind the rejection of the curved screen technology. The firm doesn’t want to see a curved screen with poor drop resistance and an optical distortion effect. As the application may exhibit an optical magnifying glass effect because of the curved screen technology.

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