Samsung Video Library app will disappear early in 2024

Soon the next year is approaching, as we only have a couple of months. We may not have decided our new year’s resolution, but it seems Samsung has decided it. Starting January 1, 2024, one of the useless applications of Samsung, the Samsung Video Library, will not be available for use as the business will discontinue the application for several models. Users of the application should notice the alert that has been sent to the application; however, users who have not used the application can be worry-free. An announcement was received by the firm stating that it will not be updating the app going forward or supporting compatibility with One UI 6.0 and Android 14 updates.

The Video Library app isn’t functional on the Galaxy S23 running stable One UI 6.0, as tested by SamMobile. They received notice from Samsung stating that “after the discontinuation date [January 1, 2024], you can continue to use the app […] in the OS versions or supported models.” The list of models and OS versions that can continue using the application includes,

  • Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S23 series
  • Galaxy Note 4 to Galaxy Note 20
  • Galaxy smartphones from the M,Z, and A series
  • Models that run on Android 6 to Android 13

What is the Samsung video library app?

An app called Samsung Video Library is meant to make managing your films easier for you. Through Samsung Film Library’s clever organization, it was made simpler to retrieve any film you’ve stored on your smartphone. Actually, every video will be automatically categorized into several folders. To find the one you’re searching for, simply conduct a brief search within the program, then go to enjoy it.

A gallery app made just for videos is called Samsung Video Library. All of the video footage on your Android smartphone can be quickly and simply organized using its optimization capabilities. Remember that it is specifically made for Samsung phones that are running an up-to-date Android version.

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