Samsung November 2023 Security Patch: fixes 15 vulnerabilities specific to Galaxy devices

November has started, and like every month, smartphone companies are working on adding the latest security updates to their devices. Samsung is known for being quick and diligent with updates, especially when it comes to the security patches for November 2023.

Just like every month, Samsung has posted the security bulletin for November 2023 on its website. When Samsung releases these patches, they not only include all the fixes that come with the Android operating system from Google, but they also address some specific issues with Galaxy devices.

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In the November 2023 security patch, Samsung has included a new page in its official documentation. With this update, the company has introduced almost 54 fixes to bolster the security of Galaxy devices. These fixes are designed to make Galaxy devices more secure and protect them from potential vulnerabilities.

In the upcoming security update from Samsung, there will be a total of 49 fixes provided by Google and an additional 15 fixes implemented by Samsung. Here are the details of the CVE codes for the vulnerabilities that have been addressed:

Critical risk:

CVE-2023-24855, CVE-2023-28540, CVE-2023-33028, CVE-2023-4863, CVE-2023-40113.

High risk:

CVE-2020-29374, CVE-2023-21673, CVE-2023-22385, CVE-2023-24843, CVE-2023-24844, CVE-2023-24848, CVE-2023-24847, CVE-2023-24850, CVE-2023-24849, CVE-2023-24853, CVE-2023-34970, CVE-2023-33200, CVE-2023-33034, CVE-2023-33035, CVE-2023-33027, CVE-2023-33029, CVE-2023-33026, CVE-2023-4211, CVE-2023-20819, CVE-2023-32819, CVE-2023-32820, CVE-2021-44828, CVE-2022-28348, CVE-2023-40638, CVE-2023-40106, CVE-2023-40107, CVE-2023-40109, CVE-2023-40110, CVE-2023-40111, CVE-2023-40114, CVE-2023-40105, CVE-2023-40124, CVE-2023-40100, CVE-2023-40115, CVE-2023-40104, CVE-2023-40112, CVE-2023-21103, CVE-2023-21111, CVE-2023-21234, CVE-2023-33106, CVE-2023-33107, CVE-2022-22071, CVE-2023-33063.

So, in this case, these security fixes include both the updates made directly by Google in the Android operating system and the additional ones that Samsung included in the November patches. Samsung’s added fixes aim to address critical issues that could potentially allow malicious individuals to do things like install a different version of an app on a device, perform harmful actions from a remote location, and access the serial number of the CPU. These measures are essential for protecting users and their devices from potential threats.

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Samsung has already rolled out the November 2023 update for Galaxy S23 smartphones. However, at the moment, it’s only available for Android 14 users and certain devices that are running the One UI 6 beta version. The company plans to gradually make the update available to more smartphone users in the coming days. The release pattern is not fixed, so it could become available to any eligible smartphone, regardless of its price range or regional availability.

For devices that may not be eligible for major updates anymore, the security patch update might also include some improvements to enhance the device’s performance and functionality. This is good news for users who want to keep their devices secure and running smoothly, even if they are no longer receiving major software updates.

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