Samsung One UI 6: A Deep Dive into the Latest Features and Enhancements

Several Galaxy smartphones were made available for the One UI 6 beta update, starting with the Galaxy S23 series. The newer software update brings in a lot of features that will enhance the user experience and customize personalized features.

After many test versions, Samsung has now started giving the new One UI 6 software to regular users, beginning with the Galaxy S23 phones. One UI 6 is like an improved version of the software that was there before. But is it a nice improvement? Are there important changes in One UI 6 that users will like? And the most important question, should you get One UI 6 for your Galaxy phone? I’ve been using One UI 6 on my Galaxy S23 Ultra for a few weeks, and I can explaing about it.

List of Samsung Apps That Now Support One UI 6

Personalization of your lock screen:

  • One UI 6 offers a more comprehensive system for modifying its appearance, allowing you to move and resize your clock in addition to selecting its color, style, and typeface.
  • You can change the app shortcuts for your two apps from the default phone-camera combination and choose whether to display your notification previews as full banners or icons in addition to the clock.
  • As per Samsung’s user profile system, Modes, you have the ability to customize and save lock/home screen combinations.
  • In this manner, you can customize your own modes and have a wallpaper, clock, and notification that are suitable for business, travel, and other business.
  • After unlocking your phone, you can see the updated Quick Panel layout, which hides infrequently used features in an expanding center area until you need them and speeds up access to options like screen brightness, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Some of the app titles have been changed; however, it’s noticeable. These days, default apps like “Galaxy Store” are just called “Now”, which has a surprisingly big effect on how tidy the home screen looks.

Enhanced photography department:

  • Samsung updated the default camera app’s interface, changing the appearance of several of the icons and including a dedicated resolution option for quickly altering the size of your photos.
  • Samsung now provides a leveling tool to help you maintain the alignment of your image if you have the frame grid enabled. As you can see here, this shows as a line by default but changes to a circle if you point the camera straight up or down.
  • One UI 6 now has camera widgets for your home screen that you can configure to open a certain camera in a specific mode, for those moments when you need to quickly launch the camera app with specific settings enabled.
  • Additionally, you can choose a custom graphic to indicate precisely what this widget is intended to capture.
  • When a document is detected, the updated software can go into scanning mode automatically and either store the entire document as an image or just the text on the page.
  • Fast editing options are available when you are viewing a photo’s details; these include removing undesirable portions of the image and adjusting the contrast, colors, and other aspects of the snap.
  • Additionally, One UI 6 appears to have been influenced by iOS, as it gives you the option to save the cut-out as a separate picture or sticker or to relocate the subject of a shot to another location for pasting using the previously described drag ‘n’ drop method.
  • The new Gallery editor style makes the tooltips more visible and increases the size of the icons so you can easily identify each tool’s purpose when you open a photo for manual editing.
  • Undo and redo buttons are another useful feature of the phone editing experience.

Health app on One UI 6:

With additional information displayed on the Health app home screen in One UI 6, your most recent exercise data is displayed first for easy access.

Calendar app on One UI 6:

To make your upcoming appointments easier to see, the Samsung Calendar app now offers a chronological schedule view. Reminders can be shown alongside events in your calendar for a more comprehensive picture of your activities, and two-handed drag ‘n’ drop is also supported for rearranging events in your calendar.

Keep your device safe and secure through the auto-blocker feature:

  • Firstly, Auto Blocker has the ability to prevent you from sideloading apps, which is useful if you’re not sure what you’re doing while searching for apps outside of the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store and don’t want to risk uninstalling malicious third-party software.
  • Additionally, it has the ability to verify any installed apps on your phone to see if they are engaged in any illicit activity.
  • Also, if you connect your phone to a seemingly legitimate charging cable that is actually being used by a fraudster, the Auto Blocker can stop commands via USB cable.
  • The ability to prevent zero-click assaults using picture messages is a last advantage for messaging apps, including those from Google and Samsung as well as outside developers like WhatsApp.

Enjoy One UI 6 not only on smartphones but also on your tablets:

The operating system for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablets, as well as its phones, is One UI 6. All of the aforementioned updates will be available for compatible Galaxy Tabs, but one that will allow for special benefits is a redesign of the DeX desktop environment.

One UI 6.0 Is About To Knock Galaxy Device Software Version

Despite the interface being meant to be accessed with a cursor rather than taps, you may now maintain the layout of your home screen when switching to desktop mode. Depending on your preferred apps and workspace, DeX may now be used with your tablet in a vertical or horizontal orientation, giving you more freedom.

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