Samsung Plans to Make Foldable Phones More Accessible with Affordable Model for 2024

Foldables from the Galaxy Z series have always been an expensive gadget to buy. Even if people want to buy the Galaxy foldables, the price hike is a hindrance. Comparing the duo of the Galaxy Z series, the Galaxy Z Flip is a costlier one, as the gadget has an “Infinity Flex Display” hybrid glass covering and folds horizontally. Back in 2020, the base Galaxy Z Flip was launched with a price tag of $1,400, and the 5G version was priced at $1,450. It is impossible that the price of flip models will be reduced below $999. However, it seems South Korean tech has other plans for this. The idea is to bring less expensive foldables, yes! You heard it right: Samsung is rumored to be developing low-cost foldables.

Reports from Trend Force state that a trend towards foldable technology in the mobile industry is shown by the increased introduction of foldable phones, which indicates a sense of urgency among smartphone makers. Android smartphone makers have been introducing new foldable models on a regular basis in recent months, which has raised sales of foldable phones and helped the segment’s market share in the high-end smartphone market in the second half of the year. Further lowering pricing barriers and increasing accessibility to foldable phones for a wider spectrum of users, supply chain sources have also disclosed that Samsung plans to launch foldable phones in the mid-range market the following year.

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Is this accurate information?

Earlier reports have claimed that this model will be a fan edition (FE) variant, which will have a few specifications between the flip and the fold model; however, it will cost less than the Galaxy Z Flip. Nothing was confined officially from Samsung’s side, so it is quite difficult to analyze the price, specifications, and features. If Samsung is truly up to this, then we can expect its debut in 2024. It will be exciting to watch how the business will offer the foldable at a lower price, but at the same time, it should be durable for the users’ use. It seems Samsung has a huge set of plans for 2024, as it is rumored to bring out many new and innovative products.

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