Samsung and Naver Join Forces to Lead the Future of Smart Office Buildings

In order to spur the expansion of its upcoming intelligence office block business both domestically and internationally, Samsung Electronics and Naver Cloud linked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at ‘Ncloud Space’ in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. A collaboration working group will be established by the two businesses to market customized packages for business-to-business clients, encourage collaborative sales, and enhance overall collaboration.

The strategy calls for implementing the solution and domestic office buildings first, and then, based on success stories, progressively expanding it to foreign markets. Beginning with this collaboration, Naver Cloud intends to commercialize the technology and solutions developed by Team Naver, including artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, and robotics, as they relate to 1784 Naver’s second headquarters.

With the opening of a new “B2B integrated offering office” in 2022, Samsung Electronics is working to safeguard potential development engines by providing clients with a comprehensive proposal of specialized products and services tailored to each business division. In order to offer B2B customers an integrated solution, Samsung Electronics plans to launch a specialized package offering that combines Naver Cloud’s on-site solution at the new Naver 1784 Headquarters with cutting-edge technologies like SmartThings and 5G, which connect several goods.

These days, managing the ever-growing number of platform services and smart devices requires efficient, integrated solutions. This is due to the fact that office environments have become more diverse, market competition has increased, and maintaining productivity has become crucial to operational business processes. Samsung Electronics hopes to achieve intelligent “Calm-Tech” through this MOU by utilizing tools, services, and solutions that effectively connect and manage every device in an office building, as well as internal and external tools and services.

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Specifically, we want to develop a complete flat form for an intelligent office building for the future that extends beyond basic BMS control and becomes user-centered, allowing integrated building control, energy access, and security management.

Kim Yu-won, CEO of Naver Cloud, said, “As evidenced by the recent digital twin export agreement signed with Saudi Arabia, there is a lot of interest both internally and externally in Team Naver’s technology. Starting with this cooperation with Samsung Electronics, we will export intelligence office building solutions both domestically and overseas. We will try to open the path together.”

Kang Bong-gu, vice president of Samsung Electronics Korea and head of the B2B Integrated Offering Office, said, “Naver Cloud, which has high competitiveness in the AI, robot, and cloud fields, and Samsung Electronics, which has the No. 1 technology in B2B-specialized products, solutions, services, and 5G networks, have collaborated to create an excellent solution. We plan to lead the next-level future intelligence office building market by creating the best customer experience and value.”

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