Samsung could use blue PHOLED in its 2025’s foldables (Fold 7 & Flip 7)

With the arrival of the Galaxy Z Fold 7 and Z Flip 7, which are scheduled for 2025 release, Samsung is preparing to completely revamp its portfolio of foldable phones, which is an exciting development. The excitement around these gadgets is a result of Samsung’s bold intention to use phosphorescent OLED technology (PHOLED), which represents a major advancement in the field of display innovation. In the second part of 2025, Samsung Display’s mobile panels could be entirely phosphor-based. The green and red pixels of AMOLED panels are now made by Samsung Display using Phosphorescent OLED, or Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diodes (PHOLED), which is not to be confused with POLED (Plastic OLED).

Samsung is reportedly developing phones with PHOLED displays, as per recent reports. However, this was something that was expected to happen in the middle of 2024. UBI Research’s Deputy Director Yoon said, “The development of blue phosphorescent material does not seem to be going smoothly (via TheElec).

PHOLED advantages, and what does Samsung aim to do with this?

Present-day OLED components in displays that are right and green employ 100 percent internal luminous efficiency phosphorescent materials, whereas blue OLEDs use 25% efficient fluorescent materials. By replacing these ineffective blue fluorescent elements with more strong blue light-emitting materials, Samsung hopes to lower the total power consumption of OLEDs. The main objective behind Samsung employing PHOLED panels is that electricity consumption is the determining factor.

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Higher is preferable in this case since it indicates that more light is released by the pixels that can be seen. Conversely, compared to blue fluorescent materials, blue PHOLED materials that are presently under research are said to have a 55% longer lifetime.

Samsung will reach higher heights with this display innovation:

It looks like Samsung has plans for the Galaxy Z Fold 7 and Galaxy Z Flip 7, even though we have less than a year to wait to see the 6th generation of foldables. As of now, the information gained claims that the company is currently working on PHOLED, which it currently only uses for green and red pixels but plans to introduce with blue pixels by 2025.

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Further, UBI research added that blue phosphorescence may not become mainstream, but rather it may only be a monumental significance of Samsung Display’s mass production of blue phosphorescence for the first time in the world due to the difficulty of securing the lifespan.

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