Samsung MX Head TM Roh Not Elevated to CEO Role

As part of its annual reorganization of its top executives, Samsung Electronics, the largest manufacturer of memory chips and smartphones worldwide, announced on Monday that it has formed a division dedicated to strategizing “future business.” Veteran Samsung executive Jun Young-hyun, presently vice chairman of Samsung SDI, a display arm of Samsung Group, will head the unit, according to the business statement. It was disclosed that, in the business environment, it will maintain its dual-CEO structure, which means that TM Roh, the head of Samsung MX, will not be promoted to CEO. Two executive vice presidents, Yong Seok-woo and Kim Won-kyong, were elevated to president by the massive Korean electronics company during the Monday reorganization.

Kim heads the global public affairs office, while Yong heads the visual display division. For the corporate structure of the company, Samsung Electronics has been adopting the multiple CEO approach, and in 2024 this will not change. The company’s two CEOs will be Kyung Kye-hyun, head of Samsung DS, and JH Han, head of Samsung DX. JH Han, on the other hand, will no longer lead Samsung’s Video Display business division. Leading Samsung’s research and development division, SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), will also be under Kyung Kye-hyun’s leadership.

TM Roh:

It was anticipated that TM Roh, who presently oversees Samsung MX, which is the mobile division of the South Korean company, would advance to become the third co-CEO of Samsung Electronics. But that hasn’t occurred in spite of the Samsung MX performing admirably in spite of the world economic slump and assisting the business in maintaining profit during hard times. The reason behind not choosing him as the co-CEO has not been provided yet.

Jeon Young-hyun:

The Future Business Planning Unit’s leader is Jeon Young-hyun, and his contributions have been instrumental in properly bringing the company’s memory, semiconductor, and battery divisions to the pinnacle of international success. Following his tenure as CEO of Samsung SDI, he has maintained his leadership qualities in a role as chairman of the board of directors.

Yong Seok-woo:

The new president of Samsung DX’s Visual Display Business Department is Yong Seok-woo. Since December 2021, he has led the development team and is an expert in TV development. Since December 2022, he has served as the deputy leader of the TV businesses division. He is an excellent replacement for JH Han, who was recently appointed as co-CEO of Samsung Electronics.

Kim Won-kyung:

The Global Public Affairs Department of Samsung Electronics has selected Kim Won-kyung as its new president. He joined Samsung Electronics after joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in South Korea. Through his new job as president, he is expected to bring new collaborations with his excellent communication skills and talents.

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