Samsung Internet Browser Now Available on Windows PC

The web browser that comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy Series smartphones and tablets, known as Samsung Internet, can now be downloaded for Windows via the Microsoft Store. Based on the Chrome project, Samsung Internet for Windows has a simple appearance. This is not surprising because the same open source project is also utilized in the development of numerous popular PC web browsers. The well-trusted browser is now accessible on PCs via the Microsoft Store; Windows 10 and Windows 11 can install it.

You can get the browser for free from the device’s app store if you have a Windows computer. This is the first time that PC users may get it, and the Microsoft Store provides a quick and simple way to install the browser. The internet browser prompts users to sign into their Samsung account, much like its Android equivalent does. Even synchronizing browser data between PCs and phones is supported. Currently, the only things that can sync are bookmarks, open tabs, saved pages, and browser history.

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Although password synchronization is currently absent from the web browser, Samsung may include it in a later software update. Laptops other than Galaxy Book models may install the internet browser, unlike native One UI programs. It offers you the greatest online surfing experience possible by safeguarding your privacy and offering a variety of functions. When you first open Samsung Internet, a Korean-language welcome screen will greet you. The browser does not yet seem intended for worldwide use.

A secret mode, light support for extensions, and compatibility for ad blockers are just a few of the great features that Samsung’s Internet app for Windows PCs boasts over Chrome. Additional features include compatibility with all Chrome extensions, including all extensions that can be downloaded through the Chrome Web Store. It is also possible to enable ad blocking and activate the dark theme.

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