Samsung Partners with KICS to Train AI on 20,000 Telecom Papers

Samsung does indulge in commercial agreements with top technology institutes and companies for the benefit of its work culture. In order to provide a thesis database at Samsung Electronics’ Seoul R&D Campus, the company struck a commercial agreement with the Korea Communications Society on December 14th. As a part of this commercial agreement, Samsung Electronics will study the company’s next-generation communication technologies and get 20,000 papers from the Korea Communications Society to use as learning material for the generative AI model Samsung Gauss.

Invitees for the agreement ceremony:

  • Hong In-ki, president of the Korean Society of Communications
  • Lee Eun-gyu, director of the Ministry of Science
  • ICT’s artificial intelligence dissemination team
  • Jeon Gyeong-hoon, president of Samsung Electronics’ Samsung Research

Since the papers’ dependability has been established, they should be very helpful as AI model training data. The Korean Society of Communications holds papers that include fact-based text, formulae, tables, graphs, and images. In November of last year, at the “Samsung AI Forum,” Samsung Research first introduced the language, code, and image model of Samsung Gauss, a self-developed generative AI model. Samsung Electronics intends to leverage Samsung Gauss to foster innovation in business practices and further the development of generative AI technology, which will enable new experiences in people’s everyday lives.

These include the language model, which speeds up and simplifies operations like translating, summarizing papers, and drafting emails. It may also enhance the user experience by managing devices more intelligently.

The Korea Communications Society:

Established in 1974, the Korean Society of Telecommunication is the biggest academic association in Korea focused on information and communication technology, and it plays a significant role in enhancing the competitiveness of the country’s communication industry. The collaboration aims to advance generative AI technologies and boost domestic competitiveness.

Expert statements regarding the collaboration:

Lee Jong-ho, Minister of Science and ICT, delivered a congratulatory speech, saying, “This agreement is a social contribution project to increase the competitiveness of Korean generative AI, and we hope that the cooperation between the Korea Communications Association and Samsung Electronics will contribute to the development of our country’s AI industry.”.

Hong In-ki, president of the Korean Society of Communications, said, “We will secure national competitiveness through the development of generative AI trained with high-quality data and conduct continuous research based on the results of future technology development.”

Samsung Electronics President Kyung-Hoon Jeon said, “This agreement ceremony is the first step toward meaningful collaboration between global IT companies and research academies.” He added, “In the future, Samsung Electronics will continue to expand cooperation with research academies in various fields and continue to strive to acquire the best technology.”.