Samsung officially launched Galaxy Book 4 Series

Samsung announced today the debut of its most intelligent PC portfolio to date, including the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, Book 4 Pro, and Book 4 Pro 360. New AI PCs with the greatest levels of productivity, mobility, and connection are available with the latest series.

It also has an enhanced and more colorful display, a more sophisticated CPU, and a more robust security mechanism. Not only do these enhancements improve the device itself and the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem overall, but they also propel Samsung’s goal of AI innovation forward and advance the PC category.

A powerful processor unit for a powerful series:

  • New Intel® CoreTM Ultra 9 processors, which incorporate a faster central processing unit (CPU), a more powerful GPU, and a newly integrated neural processing unit (NPU) into a single package
  • In conjunction with Intel’s groundbreaking AI PC Acceleration initiative, which encompasses over 100 independent software vendors (ISVs), the latest CPU is facilitating innovative AI features that contribute to increased efficiency on the Galaxy Book 4 variant.
  • The NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 4070 Laptop GPU 3 enhances the user experience.
  • With quick and dynamic AI-powered creation tools powered by NVIDIA Studio technology, creativity is enhanced further.

Best-in-class gaming and security; battery features:

  • Users of the Galaxy Book4 Ultra may also immerse themselves completely in games thanks to the NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, which produces visuals of greater quality for more than 500 well-known ray-traced games and apps.
  • With a new, improved cooling system that includes an 11% bigger vapor chamber and a twin fan with an unequal blade spacing design, the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra reduces heat and fan noise.
  • The Galaxy Book 4 Ultra users may swiftly add 55 percent more battery life in just 30 minutes by utilizing a 140W adapter, which is 1.4 times bigger than the previous model.
  • The importance of data security and privacy has increased along with the intelligence and connectivity of gadgets.
  •  The inclusion of a new standalone Samsung Knox security chip in all three models enhances the existing multi-layered security initiatives with Intel and Microsoft by individually securing key system data. 

Dynamic Display:

  • A dynamic AMOLED 2X display that provides crisp contrast and vibrant color indoors and out gives viewers an amazing viewing experience with this series.
  • Under strong lighting, Vision Booster automatically improves visibility and color reproduction with an intelligent outdoor algorithm, and anti-reflective technology lessens distracting reflections.
  • With the touchscreen that was recently added to all three models, the Galaxy Book 4 series provides a touch-based user interface that is optimized and comfortable.
  • A broader range of recyclable materials, including plastics, glass, and aluminum, are used in the series’ polished and understated finish.

Clearly surrounded audio environment:

  • For clean and precise sound, AKG Quad speakers with Dolby Atmos® produce deep bass and high octaves.
  • Two studio-quality microphones with bi-directional AI noise cancellation ensure clear audio for video chats, even in noisy outdoor settings.
  • To enhance the immersiveness of activities like gaming, LE Audio, an improved Bluetooth audio standard, offers realistic sounds with lower latency.
  • In order to enjoy listening to your devices without requiring manual input, Auto Switch enables you to connect your Buds to numerous devices smoothly, including your TV, PC, tablet, and smartphone.
  •  The laptop includes a sizable touchpad and an extensive array of connections, including a new HDMI 2.1 port. 

Image and editing sector:

  • With the idea of empowering everyone to be creative, Samsung created Samsung Studio, a new video production tool accessible on all Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • It enables you to continue editing films taken with your phone or tablet in more detail on your PC.
  • With Photo Remaster’s AI-enabled optimization, you can instantly fix images and remove undesired shadows and reflections for a photo-perfect finish on Samsung Gallery for PC.
  • With features like duplicate, extension, and now rotation, Second Screen allows you to use your tablet as a display for your Book 4 and increase productivity.

Colours :

  • Galaxy Book 4 Ultra (16-inch): Moonstone Gray
  • Galaxy Book 4 Pro (14 and 16-inch): Moonstone Gray, Platinum Silver
  • Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360 (16-inch): Moonstone Gray, Platinum Silver

Availability :

The Galaxy Book 4 series will gradually roll out to various regions starting in January 2024 in Korea.